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Telephonic Nurse Case Management
PLA Telephonic Nurse Case Managers act as a liaison between the injured worker, physician, physical/occupational therapist, employer, claims representative, and attorney. The telephonic nurse case managers monitor the progress of the injured worker telephonically while maintaining communication with the employer and claims adjuster. They provide the employer and claims adjuster with updates of the injured worker's progress, treatment plan, and return to work status by phone.

Field Nurse Case Management
PLA Field Nurse Case Managers provide on-site case management services meeting with the injured worker, physician, physical/occupational therapist, and employer. The field nurse case managers assess and evaluate the injured workers' medical and vocational status reporting results back to the employer and claims adjuster. They develop, coordinate, and implement a realistic case management plan in order to achieve the combined objectives of quaity care, cost effectiveness, and return to work.

Additional Medical Case Management Services Provided
• Schedules IME-Independent Medical Evaluations, Second Opinions and RTW Evaluations
• Coordinates FCE-Functional Capacity Evaluations and Ergonomic Evaluations
• File Review
• Job Analysis
• Assist with Transitional Duty Programs
• Case Management Services for Non-Work Related Medical Disabilities
• Occupational Health Nursing Services

Red Flags For Case Management Intervention
• Medical treatment inconsistent with accident, injury or disability
• Medical guidelines indicate treatment may be excessive
• Injury not consistent with nature of work
• Lost time greater than 30 days
• Independent Medical Examination indicated to address lost time and causal relation
• Injured worker is new hire
• Excessive medical treatment for injury
• Multiple medical providers
• Pre-existing injury or illness
• No witness to accident or injury
• Delay in return to work
• Non-medical issues complicate recovery
• Slow recovery with delay in release to work
• Inability to obtain medical information or return to work clarification
• Failure to communicate with employer
• Non-compliant treatment plan